Dr. Anna Grazia Lecca

Dr Anna Grazia Lecca is an Italian trained Psychologist with a UK training in Clinical Psychology. She has more than 20 years of experience in health and clinical settings working with a variety of clients. Dr Anna Grazia Lecca works towards achieving a steady emotional balance and a progressive life transformation in a gentle process that focuses on the energy of acceptance and compassion and on the power of forgiveness and love.

Dr. Kirin Fiona Hilliar

Dr. Kirin Fiona Hilliar is an Australian psychologist experienced in Forensic, Clinical and Organisational Psychology.

Passionate about empowering and enabling clients to better understand and take control of their own lives, she delivers one-on-one and group treatment programs, as well as training courses, community outreach, and psycho-educational seminars and workshops.


  • Individuals facing emotional and behavioural dysfunction.

  • Individuals dealing with addictions .

  • Individuals seeking personal and professional development.

  • Couples who aim to improve their relationship.

  • Assessments for recruitment and employee development

  • Child protection assessments

  • Offender assessment, rehabilitation and treatment

  • Treatment efficacy evaluations

  • Research design

  • Cognitive assessments

  • Therapeutic frameworks including CBT, DBT, RNR 

Sneha John

Sneha John is a UK-trained Psychologist with passion to help young people and their families.
Having done her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the UK, Sneha’s experience in working with children, parents and young adults comes from her time at the National Health Service in the UK. She has worked in a range of clinical settings such as schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and community based vocational training centres. Her work has focussed on the developmental ages of 10 years through 25 years.

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